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Jaydon Chan Ex-Police Private Investigator

I am a Hong Kong Ex- Police Officer. For some reason, I leave Hong Kong Police Force and become a Free Lance Private Investigator. Since then, I gradually build up my own investigation team.

If you are looking for a private investigator in Hong Kong , I and my team maybe one of the option you may take into consideration.

I am trained and experience in field operation for years, but I am not Tom cruise in Mission-impossible. Possibility and success of case depend on case situation. Case have to be studied in detail between you and me with full cooperation and trust before taking into action.

Funny speaking, I may need your assistance in return during operation.

There are some basic rules first of all, I have to make it very clear.

I am a law-abiding private investigator but not criminal spy. No criminal intention were allowed,

such as computer hacking, illegal in-house invasion, stealing.....etc .

If you are looking for an Ex-Police Private Investigator in Hong Kong for marriage, love affair problems...etc, Please feel free to call me Jaydon Chan at (852) 6063-4841 for discussion.


I am free to chat privately (No any fee required) at anytime anywhere.

Your case, whether or not we could be process finally, I guarantee no any information would be leaked without your permission.

If you need a Hong Kong Private Investigator, please feel free to contact me for further discussion

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陳浩琳 前任警察 私家偵探

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